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Geek Offices Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary!

This month Geek Offices is celebrating its 11th anniversary, making us one of the oldest, and in our humble opinion, one of the best, co-working spaces in the Boston area!



Co-working has come a long way over the past eleven years, from a novelty to a necessity, to navigating a safe work environment during a global pandemic.  Throughout, we have been there for our members, providing the same great service as we did in February, 2010.


If you are looking for a flexible co-working space, check out Geek Offices, one of the longest-running, and best co-working spaces in Greater Boston. Geek Offices offers all the amenities of a professional office, with none of the overhead in Cambridge’s Inman Square. Startup companies or remote workers will find that Geek Offices provides some of the most affordable co-working space in the Boston area.  Compare Geek Offices to the prices and amenities of executive offices and other incubator spaces in Cambridge and Boston and you’ll be surprised by the value proposition we offer.