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Geek Offices Named One of the Top Co-working Spaces in the U.S.

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Cubefree, a workspace finder app by Citrix Labs has named Geek Offices, Cambridge one of the top 50 co-working spaces in the nation. The list is published on the website of Flexjobs, an online company focusing on part-time, freelance, and flextime jobs.  The company writes;

“Because coworking spaces are becoming more common, how do you know which one to choose? To help get you started, check out Cubefree’s list of the top 50 coworking spaces in the U.S.!”

In all, the greater Boston area netted five  co-working spaces in the top 50;


  • GeekOffices1035 Cambridge St., Suite 1, Cambridge: An affordable workspace for startups, freelancers, or entrepreneurs who need to work in a quiet place.
  • WorkBar – 711 Atlantic Ave.: Located in the heart of Boston, WorkBar offers an open space so you won’t feel crowded. Members also enjoy 24/7 key-card access.
  • Oficio – 30 Newbury St.: A boutique-style workspace, where simplicity is key to minimizing distraction.
  • WeWork Fort Point – 51 Melcher St.: Conveniently located, WeWork membership includes beautiful workspaces, fast Internet, printing, designer furniture, and conference rooms.
  • Cambridge Coworking Center – 1 Broadway, 14th floor, Cambridge: This is Boston’s largest coworking space with more than 400 members.


If you are looking for nationally recognized, flexible co-working space where you can work alongside some of the best technology companies in greater Boston, check out our co-working Cambridge and co-working Newton locations!  Geek Offices is a co-working space offering all the amenities of a professional office, with none of the overhead. We are located in Inman Square, Cambridge and on Chapel Street in North Newton. Technology workers looking for shared office space in Boston, Cambridge or Newton will find that Geek Offices provides some of the most affordable co-working space in Greater Boston.  Compare Geek Offices to the prices and amenities of executive offices and other incubator spaces in Cambridge and Boston and you’ll be surprised by the value proposition we offer.


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