Welcome to Geek Offices - Coworking Office Space in Cambridge, MA
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Plans & Pricing


We Make Office Space Easy!

We eliminate the barriers to renting office space.  Geek Offices has no leases, no security deposit, no termination notice and no added costs.  We make it easy to say YES!

Geek Regular - $250/month

Access up to eight days per calendar month & $25 per additional day for each Geek Regular member.
Use of mailing address. 

Geek Premium

Dedicated Desk - $425-$475/month

Private Office - $775 - $1,600/month

Price dependent on office size.
Access to a dedicated desk for your exclusive use to store your equipment.
Priority on use of conference rooms.  Use of landlord-run Suite 5 conference room (seats 10) during building hours (8AM to 5 PM) at $30 for 4 hours a day and $50 for greater than 4 hours a day.
Use of mailing address.
Free lockers.
24/7 access for each Geek Premium member (lost access card is $25).
Parking space at $230/month (subject to adjustment and availability).

Geek Company

All the benefits of Geek Premium membership for groups of 2-10.

1st member: Pays for dedicated desk or private office

2-5 members: $250/month per person

6-10 members: $300/month per person

Additional Membership Options


Parking space at $230/month (subject to availability)

Dedicated Storage Areas

Various unit sizes.  Pricing upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a lease?

No lease is required. We have a simple one page membership agreement. Every person in a company is a Geek Offices member, so everyone needs to complete the agreement.

Who pays for air conditioning, heat, electricity and internet?

Geek Offices! We also pay for copying, toner, coffee, and paper.

Is a security deposit required?

No. With the signing of the membership agreement, we only need the first month’s full fees.

How much notice is required to terminate membership?

None. However, we work on a monthly fee schedule. Monthly fees aren’t prorated if you decide to leave earlier than the end of a month. But you can tell us on the 31st that you aren’t coming in on the 1st. Notice is appreciated, but not required.

Are there any additional costs?

Not for your use of Suite 1. It’s all included in your monthly fee. You will only be charged additionally for parking, a storage space, or use of the Suite 5 conference room, located just down the hall from Geek Offices. Free conference rooms are available in Geek Offices. Also, there is a $25 charge for a lost access card.

How does 24/7 access work?

As a Geek Premium or Geek Company member you will have 24/7 access. Once you complete our agreement and provide the first month fees, you will be provided with an access card to the building and a key for Geek Offices.

What does “use of mailing address” mean?

For every membership category, except for Geek Daily, all members can use Suite 1 as your address. For your new business address, just use your name or company name and 1035 Cambridge Street, Suite 1, Cambridge, MA 02141. No one needs to know that you are working in a coworking space.

Our postal carriers know that many companies are based in Suite 1, so mail addressed to our members is placed in the Suite 1 building mailbox. Our Resident Geek gets the mail and sorts the letters in the copy area. Fedex and UPS packages can also be delivered to Suite 1.

Who and what is a Resident Geek?

Our Resident Geek is a Geek Offices member who helps out. With a workstation next to the entrance, our Resident Geek can help you get started on your first day, sign for packages, or help with IT issues. The Resident Geek also communicates with members about issues around the building.

What type of building security is there at 1035 Cambridge Street?

1035 Cambridge Street is a first-class, professional managed office building with 12 security cameras monitoring all building entrances and three parking lots. The two main entrances open at 8AM and lock at 5PM on weekdays. Access cards are required for the main entrances before 8AM, after 5PM, or on weekends and holidays. Three other building entrances require access cards 24/7.

Do I need to provide insurance?

No. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have business insurance, just that we don’t require any evidence of insurance.