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Archive for October 2016

Boston Globe Magazine Cover Story by Deborah Halber

img_20161004_133113470Congrats to Geek Office’s member Deborah Halber on her cover story in last week’s Boston Globe Magazine. Deborah’s story “It’s Time for Vocational Schools to Get Some Respect” looks at the long wait lists and out-of-date facilities of the state’s “voke” schools and profiles several promising students.

Deborah puts the story in a national perspective, writing “the United States ‘pushed the blue-collar training agenda into an educational corner and virtually assured that anyone who ventured there would be tarred by stigma,’ UMass’s Newman and coauthor Hella Winston argue in their new book, Reskilling America: Learning to Labor in the Twenty-First Century.”

Deborah is a member of Writing Lab, a group of freelance and staff writers at GeekOffices coworking space in Cambridge whose alums include Boston Globe Magazine editor Michael Fitzgerald, who edited Halber’s piece. 

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