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Geek Offices: Coworking “without a lot of extra stuff going on.”

We were talking with one of our newest members recently and he remarked how much he liked Geek Offices’s coworking space. He had tried a few other coworking spaces in Cambridge and, as someone in his late 30s simply looking for a place to work, he felt he’d aged out of the hype and buzz that came with many of the area’s other coworking spaces. He said he was really just looking for “a place to work without a lot of extra stuff going on.”

Here at GeekOffices we offer workspace, pure and simple. Sure we include all of the standard office space requirements; wifi, printers, a kitchen, coffee, mail service, parking, and commuter showers.

What you won’t find here is a taproom or foosball table. We don’t provide snacks but can point you to a vending machine down the hall or a convenience store around the corner. Ask us to cater your lunch and we’ll likely chuckle, then point you to one of several dozen independent, award winning restaurants in our Inman Square neighborhood. Wondering where our weight room, climbing wall, or yoga classes are? We’ll let you know when we find them.

Interested in speaking with our “experience manager”? You’re out of luck. We’ll sign for your packages when you aren’t around, we’ll even host a party or two each year, but otherwise the experience you have at Geek Offices is largely what you make of it.

Instead of “extra stuff” we offer a quiet, inexpensive place “to get work done.” Sounds like what you’re looking for? Call 617-453-0750, or email info@geekoffices.com and come check us out!

Inman Square Countercultural Walking Tour Sunday, Nov 3.

Practice Space & Tim Devin (author of “Mapping out utopia: 1970s Boston-area counterculture“) will be leading a “counterculture walking tour” in and around Inman Square on Sunday Nov. 3 from 1 PM – 2:30 PM.

Devin, a local librarian and expert on the Boston-area counterculture of the 1970s, gave a similar tour earlier this fall and (having missed the first go-around) we’ve been anxiously awaiting this follow-up.

“In the 60s and 70s, the Boston area was one of the focal points of the counterculture–with Inman Square as one of its hubs,” Devin writes.

The tour will highlight a dozen or so locations in Inman, ranging from “the Trout Fishing in America alternative school to the Mass. Feminist Credit Union.” We’re curious to hear what was happening at 1035 Cambridge St. (the former A.R. Hyde Shoe Factory, now Geek Offices coworking space) at the time.

The tour departs at 1 PM from Practice Space, (1307 Cambridge St., Cambridge) on Sunday Nov. 3. The tour is free. Families and kids are welcome.

Private Offices Available Now!

GeekOffices coworking space has three private offices from $700/month for one individual to $1250/month for two people now available in Cambridge’s Inman Square. Offices range in size from 11′ x 11′ to 17′ x 20′. Cubicles are available for additional coworking members at $175 per person up to a total of five individuals.


Geek Offices is a coworking space offering all the amenities of a professional, furnished office, with none of the overhead. Compare Geek Offices to the prices of other startup and incubator or coworking spaces in Boston and Cambridge and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the value our coworking space offers.

Geek Offices; a place to “get work done.”

As Geek Offices coworking space readies to start 2019, we’d like to wish to best to The Molasses Flood, an independent game studio that has been one of our members for the past four years and recently moved to their own dedicated space.

We’ve proudly watched Molasses Flood grow over the years starting with a successful Kickstarter campaign and the launch of their first game soon after they joined Geek Offices.

We are now humbled by the kind review one of their founders, Forrest Dowling, left for us and touched by his ability to capture the essence of what we strive for here at Geek Offices each day.

“Geek Offices has been a friendly and affordable place to house our office for the 1st 4 years we’ve been in operation. Management has been incredibly accommodating with our needs… it’s a professional office, basic amenities, suitable for people looking to get work done. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a desk or small office to get your company started or out of your living room.”

Best wishes to The Molasses Flood in the new year!

Are you part of a game studio or other startup looking for flexible co-working space where you too can get work done? If so, check out our co-working space in Cambridge’s Inman Square. Geek Offices is a co-working space offering all the amenities of a professional office, with none of the overhead. Technology workers and non profit organizations looking for shared office space in Cambridge or Boston will find that Geek Offices provides some of the most affordable co-working space in the region. Compare Geek Offices to the prices and amenities of executive offices and other incubator spaces in Cambridge and Boston and you’ll be surprised by the value we offer.