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Private Office Now Available at Geek Offices Coworking Space


One 340 square foot private office is now available at Geek Offices coworking space in Cambridge’s Inman Square. The 17 x 20 private office rents for as low as $950 per month ($950 for 1 person, $150 for each additional person up to a total of 5).  In addition, Geek Offices has 10 open cubicles…

10 Work Stations Now Available at Geek Offices


  Geek Offices now has 10 work station cubicles available at our Inman Square, Cambridge coworking space. Cubes rent for as little as $215 per person per month ($475 for the first person in your company or group and $150 for each additional member up to a total of 5 individuals). Memberships include 24/7 access,…

Boston Globe Magazine Cover Story by Deborah Halber


Congrats to Geek Office’s member Deborah Halber on her cover story in last week’s Boston Globe Magazine. Deborah’s story “It’s Time for Vocational Schools to Get Some Respect” looks at the long wait lists and out-of-date facilities of the state’s “voke” schools and profiles several promising students. Deborah puts the story in a national perspective, writing “the United…

MuckRock to Rock GeekOffices Cambridge Coworking Space


  Geek Offices would like to extend a warm welcome to MuckRock, the newest member at our Inman Square coworking space. MuckRock is a “non-profit, collaborative news site that brings together journalists, researchers, activists, and regular citizens to request, analyze, and share government documents, making politics more transparent and democracies more informed.” The group has…

Geek Offices Needed A New Website Design. Now We Have One.


While Geek Offices is one the most affordable coworking sites around Cambridge, our website was vintage 2011 and nearly impossible to read on a phone.  With numerous new coworking spaces coming to Cambridge since Fairlane Properties started Geek Offices in 2010, we needed to up our marketing game. Our Craiglist, Google Adwords and Yelp listings…

Molasses Flood Readies To Launch


Our mates here at The Molasses Flood have been burning the midnight oil of late and their efforts are about to pay off. Later this week the game-making startup will go public with their first product, The Flame in the Flood. The game has been available via Steam Early Access for PC & Mac users…

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