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Private Offices Available Now!


GeekOffices coworking space has three private offices from $700/month for one individual to $1250/month for two people now available in Cambridge’s Inman Square. Offices range in size from 11′ x 11′ to 17′ x 20′. Cubicles are available for additional coworking members at $175 per person up to a total of five individuals.   Geek…

Geek Offices; a place to “get work done.”


As Geek Offices coworking space readies to start 2019, we’d like to wish to best to The Molasses Flood, an independent game studio that has been one of our members for the past four years and recently moved to their own dedicated space. We’ve proudly watched Molasses Flood grow over the years starting with a…

Geek Offices Coworking, Come to Work, Stay to Play


Here at Geek Offices coworking, we couldn’t help but notice the Boston Globe has dedicated a significant amount of ink in recent weeks to extolling a wide variety of best restaurants, bars and spas here in our Inman Square–East Cambridge neighborhood. Topping the list of paper’s recent “30 great dates in Boston and beyond,” for…

Geek Offices:  Coworking Introverts with a Healthy Dose of Extroversion


At the Geek Offices’ Holiday Party late last month, Geek Offices members were talking about the quality of our coworking environment and the reasons for their continued membership, many for over three years.   Geek Offices doesn’t have free beer on Thursdays, seminars on finding the right VC or a March Madness NCAA pool.  We don’t…

Private Offices Now Available at Geek Offices Coworking Cambridge


Two private offices are now available at Geek Offices coworking space in Cambridge’s Inman Square. One, a corner office, an 11′ by 15′ space shown here, is available immediately and rents for $950 for 1 person. The other private office, a 10′ by 13′ space, rents for $850 for 1 person. Need space for more…

Now Available; Corner Office at Geek Offices Coworking!


A private, corner office is now available at Geek Offices coworking Space here in Cambridge’s Inman Square. Come and get it before it’s gone! GeekOffices coworking offers dedicated work stations as well as a limited number of private offices, the latter of which are usually fully occupied. We now have a private, corner office, an…

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