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Warm Welcome to Bright Lite Energy

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to one of our newest members, Bright Light Energy.

Background-bio1-e1403071848687Led by Greg Hering (pictured here), the company develops solar and other renewable energy projects throughout the region and across the globe. You can check out one of their recent installations in this “power parachute” Youtube fly over.

As they explain on their site, “We originate and develop profitable, locally-sustainable infrastructure projects that improve communities. We have already installed our projects across the globe and are now developing new and more effective ways to locate ideal locations for distributed and centralized generation, notably solar, wind, and fuel cell projects. We site projects to capitalize on the interdependent needs, interests, and opportunities of communities and regions. We develop and deploy next-generation tools and techniques to increase developer effectiveness, increase project profitability, and decrease permitting risk. The world is a very large place. We develop projects and consult on other project and development initiatives.” Welcome aboard!

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